LCDS or Learning Content Development System

Microsoft has his own LMS and it’s free!  There is nothing more to explain. Just try it yourself, but don’t get angry about :

  • a bizar and confusing editor
  • the games-section  for the youngest among us . Try to develop the Tile game . I wish you succes!
  • the media with key-points and the additional software, called Microsoft Expression Encoder (oops I forgot the Copyright symbol!)
  • their media browser to browse in your media but tells you in an error message not to use your media unless it is located in their media folder.
  • the necessary presence of the much-promessing Silverlight software
  • the unnecessary  steps of first creating one topic and the using one template for one topic.
  • the term “simulation”, which is a flash file with probably a simulation in it
  • the term “selftest”, which consists of a static text and (hold your horses!)…a static picture!
  • and now I will stop complaining

.. or do I miss something?

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